and why should we have a web page? I am vice president of White Horse Kite Flyers and so that you can recognise me at events here is a picture:-

Arthur Cartoon

Sorry about that but it is better to get the shock while you are sitting comfortably in front of the computer rather than standing in the middle of a field. I am also founder member of "The Ted Berets" . The name is a derivative of the famous Red Berets as a title for my group of parachuting bears that can be distinguished by their red berets with the hat badge. This motif is also to be seen on my kites, banners and shelter.

The raison d'etre of the club is to promote parachuting of soft cuddly objects and to disseminate information on the way to do it safely. This web site allows me to get more information to more people. Frequently when parachuting bears people come up to me and ask how a particular piece of the rig works. You can guarantee that this is the moment the kite decides to fall out of the sky and get tangled with every thing around it. Rather than leave their question unanswered I can at least refer them to the web site as I disappear into the distance.

I have been a keen kite flyer for many years having been introduced to the hobby back in the early 50s when my father bought me a Gibson Girl which I still have and fly at events (including the Swindon Gathering 04). I have kites of many types including 1, 2 and 4 liners but tend to prefer the big single liners for which WHKF is well known. These include the infamous Strat 9 previously owned by Vic Walker and used for the record breaking Teddy Drop.